Male Masturbation Information

Lets cut right to it: Masturbation is considered part of a normal and healthy life today! Most men start playing with themselves at a young age, usually around 12 years old, and continue masturbation throughout their lives. There is no age when men stop masturbating. It is common for men to masturbate more than females, but both sexes are known to masturbate regularly.


The standard technique is for a man to lay or sit while stroking the shaft of the penis with a loose grip. If the male is uncircumcised it is common to rub the foreskin over the head of the penis. It is also common to masturbate with some sort of lubrication or lotion and some men even prefer to use toys or aids. Many different techniques can be used, but not all are safe, and some can be damaging.

If you are unsure if you are using an unsafe technique then please consult our problems and solutions section where you can find examples and solutions of each.

For more ideas on how to spice up your next session check out our masturbation techniques section.


A health conscious man usually masturbates somewhere between 1 to 7 times per week and when using proper techniques, this is considered perfectly normal and healthy.

Just as with anything, here is such thing as too much and more information can be found on the over-masturbation page of the problems and solutions section.


Regular masturbation is known to reduce the likely hood of prostate cancer. Young men averaging an orgasm per day showed lower risks for contracting the disease.

Mutual Masturbation can be used as a sexual replacement due to many circumstances. Partners can pleasure each other or themselves or a combination of both. This method prevents the risks or hassles of sexual intercourse.

Masturbation is also considered to help stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Masturbation before bed leaves a man in a calm and relaxed state and usually helps him fall asleep, some refer to it as natures Ambien.