How to Regain Penis Sensitivity

Do you feel like you don’t experience enough sensation during intercourse? Do you have issues reaching an orgasm through normal amounts of stimulation? If so you may be experiencing low penile sensitivity. This issue could be due to the fact that you have desensitized your penis through excessive masturbation, dry masturbation, or too tight of a grip when masturbating.

If you think you have lost some of your sensitivity due to masturbation or over stimulation then continue reading! By changing your habits and a little bit of time it is possible to reverse any negative effects and CURE yourself of this problem.

How to Cure Low Penis Sensitivity

No matter the cause you can apply this fix to experience recovery in as little as one month – and the great thing is you still get to enjoy yourself!

First Step: abstain from masturbating for at least a week. You need to give yourself a break from the normal damaging routine and although at tough thing to do, this is essential for success.

Next: you need to being slowly easing yourself back into regular masturbation except this time you should practice lower sensitivity stimulation. This is the most critical point, it is easy to slip back into a high friction/stimulation habit here because it can be harder to orgasm without the previously needed stimulation. If you don’t orgasm during the first session, don’t worry, move on and try again later. You will eventually reach a point where you can orgasm with less stimulation, and only then are you truly on the healing path.

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During the following weeks, slowly increase your frequency until you reach normal frequency. I recommend increasing your frequency once per week, it could take as long as a month and a half to restore your sensitivity, but believe me this time will be worth your effort!

Through this practice you can reach a new level of sensitivity that you may not have experienced in years!