Masturbation Techniques

Male Masturbation TechniquesTired of the same old song and dance? Want to spice up your alone time with some new ways to masturbate? You just hit the jackpot of masturbation techniques and tips. This collection is meant not only to be informative but also to inspire new methods. If you have a style that provides a more intense orgasm or is just so freaky you have to share then please let us know through our contact page. This giant collection of techniques will make your next session extraordinary.

Ready to learn advanced masturbation? Lets get started!

Standard Grip

While lying on your back or sitting up simply grip your shaft with your strong hand and rub up and down. You can vary pressures, sliding your hand up and down, or even slide the skin of the penis or foreskin over the tip. Try it with lube or lotion and try it dry.

Off Hand

This one is super simple but can be very satisfying. Usually a right hander? Try ole lefty out. Switching up your grip can be a tough one at first, but hang in there. Find your rhythm and keep at it.

Two Fingers – Ring

Grab your penis by the shaft with only two fingers. Try your thumb and pointer finger. Keep good pressure on the pointer on the back. This one might take a while to reach orgasm, but when you do the light grip allows for a free feeling climax.
Extra credit:
Try this grip with two hands, forming two rings. You may have to flip your top hand over to avoid the hands from running into each other. Try alternating motions or sliding them both together.

Open Fist

Instead of the normal fist grip, flip your thumb over to the back side of the shaft and have it join your other fingers, leaving the top of the shaft open. You can try this one with and without lube.

ColdĀ  – Hot Ejaculation

Grab some ice cubes and have them nearby within reach. Begin masturbating as you normally would with your strong hand and just as you begin reaching climax grab some ice cubes with the off hand. The difference in temperature will enhance the pleasure.

Two Ball Play

Start by placing one hand on the head of your penis and holding on tight. Then take your other hand and pull down starting at the base of the shaft where the scrotum begins. Pull on your balls gently, stimulating your scrotum and head at the same time. The orgasm from this one will be amazing!

Over the Underwear

Stroke your penis while keeping your underwear or boxers on. You can try different styles of jerking since it is often hard to get the standard fist around your member while wearing your boxers. Try grabbing the sides of the shaft or pressing down on the back of the shaft while stroking. This method can create an intense orgasm and isn’t that messy assuming you have a spare set of underwear around.

Two Hands

There are many variations to the two hand formula. Masturbate with both hands on top of each other or with your fingers interlocked. Try massaging your balls or scrotum with one hand and rubbing the shaft using any method you prefer. Also try squeezing your sac as you ejaculate for a more intense orgasm and to feel the semen coming out. Try placing your open hands on either side or front and back of the shaft and either rolling or stroking.

Shaft Work

It is commonplace to use a full shaft technique while jerking. Try only stimulating the shaft of the penis, leaving the tip out of the picture. It can be harder to cum this way, but when you do you can experiment with adding pressure while you orgasm to increase the intensity or delay your ejaculation.

To the Top & From the Top

Start at the bottom of the shaft with your strong hand and slide upwards, but not back down. Repeat this as quickly as possible until orgasm. You may need to hold the scrotum and bottom of the shaft with your other hand. Also it is highly recommended you use lube when attempting this. You can also reverse this, sliding from top to bottom.

Motion of the Ocean

Give your wrist a break and instead thrust your pelvis into your hand or hands. It is suggested that you lube up before this one. Control the pressure with your hands and thrust into them as if they were a vagina. If you have trouble with the timing try placing your hands on your bed or a sturdy surface to hold them still.

Prostate Play

This one is often too kinky for some men so don’t be afraid if your not up to the challenge. If you are then you could experience the best orgasm of your life! The prostate which is found inside the anus can be stimulated during masturbation for a more intense orgasm. The prostate is referred to as the ‘male g-spot’. This is actually more common than might be expected, and men of all orientations practice this.

You can simply massage the perineum which is the area between your testicles to his anus while you masturbate. Try rubbing this area or placing pressure on it while you masturbate and orgasm. This can greatly increase the sensation of climax. Some men find this technique sufficient.

If you are comfortable and want to move further then first prep the anus by going to the bathroom and cleaning your hands. It is also wise to trim and file your nails as the lining of the rectum is thin. While you are stroking your penis begin relaxing and slowly move a finger into the anus. About an inch or so in located on the side closer to the front of the body you will find the prostate. Carefully stimulate the prostate with a slow massaging motion. Try applying pressure as you masturbate and orgasm. You may find that this that it isn’t up your alley or it may greatly increases the intensity and satisfaction of your orgasm.

Tried a Toy?

Masturbation toys and vibrators aren’t just for women. Millions and millions of men have discovered that a new world of sexual pleasure can be opened through the use of masturbation toys. Toys like a pocket pussy can bring you some of the best orgasms you’ve ever had. Even if you are skeptical there have been advances in male toys that make owning them not only discreet, but also highly satisfying. Check out our male sex toys section.

Techniques We Don’t Recommend!

Some men have discovered a masturbation method where they lie on their stomachs and thrust into a pillow or bed. This method is also called masturbating prone. This is not recommended! Please read our section on Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome (TMS) for more information on why we suggest you stick to a normal masturbation practice.