Over Masturbation

Really this one is quite simple to identify but quite tough to fix. It is common for men to masturbate anywhere from once or twice a week to almost daily. Over-masturbation is considered to be masturbating several times a day, each day.

How Frequent is Too much Masturbation?

There is no exact number, but if you are up into 2-3 times per day, each day you should listen up!


The symptoms of over masturbation include pain or discomfort ‘down there’, fatigue, memory loss, and more. It is said that too much masturbation can cause over production of sex hormones and throw your physical and psychological changes which result in a change in body chemistry which can end up causing sexual problems.


OK so you’re masturbating too much, what can you do about it? Well the solution to this one is easy, slow down Jack!

It is easier said than done but reducing the frequency of your habits is key. Start by setting yourself some goals and being strong mentally. If you think you can go cold turkey, give it a try. If you can cut your habit in half week by week then try that. Whatever you end up doing just set your goal to a normal frequency down to normal levels and build new habits. To give yourself some incentive to wait, try ordering yourself a new masturbation toy and holding off on masturbating the first time until it arrives! If you don’t have any toys, try a Fleshlight. Millions of satisfied men use them and have experienced increased pleasure and more intense orgasms.

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